A Celebration of Love, Hope, & Gratitude

Artist, Charlie Co, in collaboration with Silk Cocoon, is helping the Natasha Goulbourn Foundation maintain their HOPEline. Co, whose whimsical works have drawn the attention of many art lovers, met NGF president, Jean Goulbourn and felt an immediate connection. Having just recovered from a life-threatening kidney transplant last February, Co feels that life is something […]

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World Suicide Prevention Day (SuPre)

Natasha Goulbourn Foundation (NGF) invites everyone to observe World Suicide Prevention Day (SuPre) this September 10 (Wednesday). SuPre is the one day of the year where we remember a lost loved one and support survivors of suicide by lighting a candle by our window at 8 pm. St. Alphonsus Mary di Liguori (Magallanes) church was […]

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Depression is Not A Sign of Weakness

Last week, NGF President, Jean Goulbourn appeared on three news channels to talk about depression, its symptoms, and its inherent dangers. In these interviews, she talked about the prevalence of depression, especially among the youth, and how the young are being influenced by irresponsible reporting of celebrity suicides. With the recent death of Robin Williams, […]

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Learning from Robin Williams

His death has affected millions. Not only was he a beloved actor, but the manner of his death inspired others to take a closer look at depression, and how this mental illness could potentially lead to suicide. We wish to remind everybody that this is a disease– one that could affect anybody, regardless of age, gender, […]

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Sharing a Depression Story

We would like to share this beautiful article, written by Alya Honasan, and published in the Philippine Daily Inquirer. It is always wonderful to read about people who have battled this illness, survived, and are now thriving. We wish to encourage those undergoing emotional distress to keep holding on and to seek professional help. Contact […]

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Remembering Robin Williams Responsibly

We’re sure you’ve heard by now, that famous actor and comedian, Robin Williams, passed away recently from an apparent suicide. Robin Williams was known to have suffered depression many times in his life, and his death can be seen as a reflection of his struggle with this mental illness. There are many sites and blogs […]

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When The Heart Bleeds

We would like to share this unpublished story by Letty Jacinto-Lopez about model, Helena Belmonte’s death . As always, our thoughts to Helena’s family. Please  feel free to share this story! When the Heart Bleeds by Letty Jacinto-Lopez  That Friday, a newsbreak:  A fashion model fell from the 28th floor of a condo unit.  In the following days, further details […]

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Seek Help: Sharing an article from the Manila Bulletin

We would like to share this article that came out in the Manila Bulletin yesterday. This article discusses the recent suicide of model, Helena Belmonte, and the stigma still attached to mental illness here in the Philippines. This is an important article to read and to share, so please feel free to link this on […]

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On Helena Belmonte: Our thoughts

Last week, model, Helena Belmonte committed suicide. Helena was also a beloved member of the NGF Family.  NGF President, Jean Goulbourn recently spoke to the Philippine Daily Inquirer and shared her thoughts aboutthis tragic incident. Below is a copy of the article, written by Cheche Moral: The book said, “Time heals all wounds.” Jeannie Lim […]

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Love Moves – Julia Fordham Gives Special Concert

IT’S ALWAYS SO SURPRISING WHEN LOVE APPEARS OVER THE HORIZON. – Love moves in mysterious ways, Julia Fordham This Valentine’s Day, the Natasha Goulbourn Foundation is receiving the love of international artist Julia Fordham. Given for the benefit of the Yolanda survivors, this is the 4th time Ms. Fordham has performed in the Philippines. Her […]

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