“Be Happy!” Movement Campaign Launching

Held at the Rockwell Grove, NGF launched the “Be Happy!” movement. It was designed to promote a culture of joy and cheerfulness among depressives, and promotes simple, doable and practical routines, activities and habits, which help individuals see the brighter side of life.

Psychiatrist Dr. Lou Querubin of Medical City talked about the campaign and how each person can “be happy”- and thus avoid depression. She believes “the “Be Happy!” initiative can succeed in espousing a ‘circle of connectedness’ at various levels. First, a connectedness to one’s inner self, which is crucial in being able to help a person identify what he feels and thus be able to do something about it. And second, a connectedness to others, in the context of a universal need of people to feel affirmed and appreciated.

Through K2 Interactive, a digital communications company that has volunteered services with NGF, a “Happy Hour” digital campaign has been mounted on Facebook, where people can share Happy Hour insights