NGF on ANC Mornings

NGF Founder and President Mrs. Jean Goulbourn and Consultant Marco Araneta talked with ANC Mornings host Pinky Webb to bring depression to light. ANC Asks: How do you pick yourself up when you’re depressed? DO YOU FEEL ALONE? HOPELESS? HELPLESS? If yes, then you may be suffering from depression. It is important that one is […]

In loving memory of Kristel Tejada

We are one with the nation in paying tribute to the life of Kristel Tejada, a beautiful, intelligent and determined daughter, sister and friend to her loved ones. Click here for the source of the picture above and to read Kristel’s story. According to this Inquirer report, suicide rates in the Philippines have gone up […]

Afterglow 2013: Ready, Set, GLOW!

Ready to do some fun running at night? Eager to help in bringing depression to light? Then join one of this year’s most exciting and one-of-a-kind  fun runs that will light up the streets all in support of a worthy cause! Afterglow is a 5-km glow-in-the-dark fun run brought to you by the UP Junior […]

Mental Wellness in the Family and Workplace

Do you wish to better understand your loved ones who have bipolar disorder? Are you a working professional who wants to promote mental wellness in your workplace? Do you want to increase your knowledge on certain mental health issues? If you answered “yes” to any of the questions above, then you now have a chance […]

On Depression among OFWs

We wish to thank Mr. Tony Cuevas of Sonshine TV Radyo for allowing Dr. Ron Elepaño of Medical City and Mrs. Jean Goulbourn, the President and Founder of NGF, to discuss the incidence of depression among OFWs last February 5, 2013. According to this 2008 Inquirer article, there is a need for public awareness of depression because many […]

Dance is HOPE made visible

We make disco cool. We put the OH YEAH in BOOGIE (the ‘yeah’ is silent, and therefore can only be heard by cool people). Our afros of awesomeness inspire hairstylist all over the world to buy new cans of hairspray. But it’s not only our fashion and music that makes a statement. We dance for […]

NGF on State of the Nation

We were also featured on State of the Nation of Jessica Soho. Introducing the very suicide hotline of the Philippines, NGF is addressing a need. Called the ICIC (Information and Crisis Intervention Center), the hotline is meant for the immediate intervention of suicidal and/or severely depressed callers and referral to the nearest mental health facility […]

NGF in TV Patrol and Bandila

The number of cases of bullying and cyberbullying in the Philippines has been increasing. What with the story of Amanda Todd, who committed suicide just a few days ago, there has been both local and international calls for action to address this concern. October is BULLYING PREVENTION MONTH. Do you know that according to our […]

The Amanda Todd Story

We just wanted to share this story about how bullying can lead to suicide. This should be a lesson to everyone to take notice of behaviors that may cause other people to suffer depression and attempt suicide. MORE IMPORTANTLY, TALK ABOUT SUICIDE. Talking about suicide DOES NOT increase the risk of it. In fact, most […]

Our latest campaign

NGF would like to thank our partner advertising company, Campaigns&Grey for helping us create a wonderful and beautiful campaign! We’ve just released the posters, but already we are flooded with tons of compliments on the beauty of the design. But we’re not focused on catching your attention. We want to help YOU.  The very first […]