Depression is Not A Sign of Weakness

2Last week, NGF President, Jean Goulbourn appeared on three news channels to talk about depression, its symptoms, and its inherent dangers. In these interviews, she talked about the prevalence of depression, especially among the youth, and how the young are being influenced by irresponsible reporting of celebrity suicides. With the recent death of Robin Williams, many mental health advocates are worried that people may be influenced to mimic his actions because of how it was reported. What should be encouraged is the proper treatment for people who are emotionally distressed.

Depression is a mental illness that can affect anybody and everybody. Even people who are seemingly happy, such as Robin Williams, are not immune to disease. In fact, it may be argued that these types of people (i.e. comedians) are more prone to bouts of sadness.

For more information about depression and how we can help you, please watch her interviews using the links listed below.

NewsToGo interview
Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho

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