World Suicide Prevention Day in University of Rizal Systems, Morong, Rizal

NGF was in URS Morong, Rizal!

We helped observe World Suicide Prevention Day with a half-day lecture to around 300 first and second year psychology and behavioral science college students of University of Rizal Systems, Morong, Rizal.

It started with an incredibly funny skit performed by the team of NGF, Aladin Borja, Milagros Rollinas, LJ Villacrusis and Nikki Sarmiento. Worthy of any soap opera, the skit featured Aladin in a love crisis. Having just proposed to his girlfriend, Nikki, he meets his old flame, LJ who left to study abroad five years ago. After the departure of LJ, Aladin goes into despair and suffers unbearable pain. He is only able to recover after meeting a kind stranger, Nikki.

LJ, faithful all this while, comes back to renew her relationship with Aladin. Aladin, confronted with this dilemma, does not initially tell Nikki that he has met his former love has come back.

The skit ends.

The students screamed and asked what happens afterwards. Speaker Aladin Borja then asks the audience to process the skit and how love can sometimes contribute to stress and depression.

“The important thing to remember,” he says “is to recognize when you might be suffering from stress or depression.” Knowing the symptoms can lead to earlier intervention and treatment. Furthermore, Mr. Borja talked about easy ways to manage stress and prevent depression. Engaging oneself in a hobby can help stress, as can breathing slowly and becoming active in exercise.