DOH and NGF Suicide Prevention conference in Iloilo

We’re going nationwide with our campaign for Suicide Prevention!

Today, at the Sarabia Manor in Iloilo, during the bi-monthly press conference of the DOH, NGF President, Jean Goulbourn talked to a score of media partners about NGF and its programs and services. Accompanied by Assistant Secretary of the DOH, Dr. Paulyn Ubial and psychiatrist Dr. Venus Serra-Arain, D.P.B.P., F.P.P.A., M.H.A., Mrs. Goulbourn stressed the importance of having effective programs for suicide prevention and the importance of partnerships between NGOs and LGUs in order to establish an efficient system to address this concern.

After the press conference, we went to University of San Agustin where we talked to around 70 students, teachers, guidance counselors and parents about World Suicide Prevention Day. Mrs. Goulbourn talked about the many activities of MINDSTRONG (our mental fitness campaign dedicated to simple lifestyle changes such as exercise, diet and breathing techniques). Asec Ubial stressed the important of de-stigmatizing mental illnesses such as depression.

“People do not seek help because they’re afraid of what other people will say,” she says. “This must stop.”

ASec Ubial emphasized that programs for mental illnesses such as depression can move faster if people changed their attitudes regarding those who are ill.  Dr. Serra-Arain then gave a lecture on Suicide (Should you want a copy of the presentation, please e-mail us. Unfortunately, we cannot upload it here as it is a rather big file).