The Spiegel Lectures

For three days, the Natasha Goulbourn Foundation held a three-day lecture series, with Dr. David Speigel, a doctor from Stanford University Hospital to talk about stress, illness and mind and body medicine.

We started on September 23, at the Cebu Doctors Hospital. This was a public lecture, and the topic was “Mind & Body Medicine- Concepts and Practice.”  After, Dr. Speigel talked to 150 members of the medical community in Cebu about “Stress on Health and Illness.”

Then, on September 24, we were back in Manila, and gave a lecture to the medical community (around 350 guests) of Medical City with “Stress HPA & Cancer Survival.”  September 25  began with a public lecture at Sanctuario de San Antonio Parish Center (around 700 participants) with a lecture “Mind &Body Medicine- Concepts and Practice.” We ended with a lecture to 150 members of the medical community of Medical City Hospital on “Stress on Health and Illness.”

All lectures focused on how stress and the mind can affect or be affected by depression.

Watch the lecture here:

Due to the length of the lecture, we have split it into 12 parts. You have just seen the first part. To view the other videos, please subscribe to our YouTube account!