In loving memory of Kristel Tejada

We are one with the nation in paying tribute to the life of Kristel Tejada, a beautiful, intelligent and determined daughter, sister and friend to her loved ones.

The beautiful life of Kristel Tejada

The beautiful life of Kristel Tejada

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According to this Inquirer report, suicide rates in the Philippines have gone up for the past 20 years, particularly among those who are 24 years old and below.

Meanwhile, the ABS-CBN report above (aired last March 18, 2013) states that the Philippines has one of the highest cases of depression in Southeast Asia.

Know the signs and symptoms of depression here.

With the help of the Department of Education and Commission on Higher Education, we hope that lessons on mental health be taught more intensively in universities and schools and that mental wellness support groups be made available to both teachers and students alike.

If you (or you know someone) are suffering from emotional crisis, then call the 24/7 ICIC HOPELINE for confidential, compassionate, and nonjudgmental listening. The HOPELINE also provides referrals to counseling centers and hospitals/mental health professionals for further assistance.

With your support, we can all be bringers of HOPE to those who are living in darkness.

Bring depression to light!