Dance is HOPE made visible

We make disco cool. We put the OH YEAH in BOOGIE (the ‘yeah’ is silent, and therefore can only be heard by cool people). Our afros of awesomeness inspire hairstylist all over the world to buy new cans of hairspray.

But it’s not only our fashion and music that makes a statement. We dance for a reason. We dance to save a life this November 19, 2012 (Monday), 8 pm at Strumm’s. And we want you to be a part of this event!  The Natasha Goulbourn Foundation is holding a fundraising event to fund the very first suicide hotline in the Philippines. Called the ICIC (Information and Crisis Intervention Center), this hotline is meant to address the growing concern of depressed and suicide cases here in the Philippines.

YOU are the disco queen, and you don’t have to be seventeen. Feel the beat of the tambourine this NOVEMBER NINETEEN (we give you props if you could read that without hearing ABBA in your head).

For more information regarding the Strumm’s fundraising event or on the programs and services we provide, please call (02) 897 2217 or email us at