Congratulations Matt (and Thank You)!

Like our website?

Well, we do!

The man behind this is Matthew Manos, Founder of  A Very Nice Design Studio. We thanked him and his team when we launched this website last May, but that doesn’t mean we’ve stopped caring.

In fact, we’re so proud to mention that recently, he was featured in Forbes magazine as a man you should watch out for (a copy of the article can be found here ) His studio gives a lot of pro-bono work for non-profit organizations such as NGF!

Isn’t that a very nice thing?

So, from everyone here in NGF (yes, that’s us in the photo), we just wanted to extend our congratulations to the man of the hour- the wings beneath our feet- Matthew Manos (and a big big thank you as well. We think our website is just too pretty for words).

For more information on a very nice design studio, you can check out their website here.


UPDATE: Hey, do you know that Matt was also featured on TedTalks? What an amazing person! Watch the video below!