DOH Zonal Meeting in Clark, Pampanga

NGF was invited to the Department of Health (DOH) Zonal Meeting held at the Hotel Stotenberg in Clark, Pampanga. With consultant, Dr. Dinah Nadera, we talked about SUICIDE PREVENTION, and the different programs currently available in the Philippines.

Dr. Nadera encouraged there to be more effective means of reporting suicide in the Philippines. As of now, because of the stigma still attached to it, we do not have accurate data on suicide. “Programs to prevent suicide, or depression needs data,” says Dr. Nadera, “we cannot provide good preventive measure if we do not even know the magnitude of the problem.”

She mentions that while there are studies that suggest a rise in depression and suicide (especially amongst the youth), the Philippines still does not know how many people are suffering from this mental illness.

“It is time that we eliminate the stigma attached to depression,” stresses NGF President, Jean Goulbourn, “Only then can people come forward and get the help they need.” Mrs. Goulbourn also recommends to the DOH that they should allocate more funds for programs on depression awareness- it’s symptoms and how one can prevent, treat and manage it.

“NGF cannot do this on our own. We need your help.” says Mrs. Goulbourn