Lecture on Depression in San Antonio Parish

A series of lectures on depression and alternative healing was held at Sancturio de San Antonio Parish Forbes Park, Makati. Five speakers, both local and international talked during this day.

Around 200 people attended.

It began with Dr. Honey Carandang, a renowned clinical psychologist, who gave a talk on “Family Support” and “Understanding Depression”. She was then followed by Dr. Natalie Rasgon, MD, PhD from Stanford School of Medicine who is a professor of Psychiatry & Behavioral Science, as well as being a professor of Obstetrics & Gynecology. Her talk had the theme of “Can Depression kill: On association between depression, diabetes and hypertension.”

Then there were three talks all on the alternative modalities for depression. Dr. Dale Flores, a holistic nutritionist, talked about Nutrition for Depression. He was followed by Dr. Mike Vergara, who shared his expertise with his talk on Acupuncture for Depression, Stress & Sleeping problems. The last speaker was Dr. Maria Joceline Bilasano, who talked about the Physical Manipulation for Mental & Physical Balance.