3-day Conference on Suicide Prevention

A three-day conference on Depression Awareness and Suicide prevention was held to increase awareness in the communities through the students, teachers and parents prior to the World Suicide Prevention Day.

Day 1, University of Makati – Three hundred fifty (350) college and high school students from Makati City attended the first day of conference on Depression Awareness and Suicide Prevention at the Little Theatre of University of Makati.

DOH NCPDC Director Eduardo Janairo, MD and UMak Executive Vice President  Editha Chan gave the opening remarks.  Dr. Ann Joy Aguadera, a child psychologist and member of PAP and San Lazaro hospital was the guest lecturer joined by Dr, Nathalie Fernandez, Center for Family Ministries (CEFAM) counselors and Pinoy Laughter Yoga founder, Paolo Trinidad in facilitating the workshops to understand for depression, and suicide prevention.

Collaborating with the working committee was the Makati Social Welfare Department, who invited participants from the University of Makati, Concordia College of Nursing, San Antonio National High School, Pitogo High School, Benigno Aquino High School, San Isidro High School, Gen. Pio del Pilar High School, Tibagan High School, Fort Bonifacio High School, Bangkal High School, Makati High School and Makati Science High School.

Day 2, San Beda College (Manila) – One hundred eighty-seven (187) college students from the Bedan Business Spectrum Foundation and the Psychology Society of San Beda College were joined by guidance counselors and teachers for the second day of the DOH-NGF led conference on Suicide Prevention in the Manila Campus on September 8, 2010.

The guest lecturer for the day was Dr. Eleonor Ronquillo of the Medical City Department of Psychiatry.  NGF President Jean M. Goulbourn also shared her experience in losing her daughter Natasha to the young audience, in inspiring them, particularly the psychology students to pursue their dreams of reaching out to more poor Filipinos in need of mental health care.

Day 3, Philippine Normal University NU –  Three hundred eighty-four (384) high school and college students from the Education and Psychology departments of the Philippine Normal University attended the 2nd day of conference held at the university Auditorium.  The guest lecturer for this activity was Dr. Edgardo Tolentino, Chief of Psychiatry in the Department of Neurosciences at the Makati Medical Center.